Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Professor Says Your Kids Can Catch Diseases from McDonald’s Playgrounds

mcdonald's playgrounds are filthy

Your Black World  Reports

Erin Carr Jordan is a child development specialist on a mission. She has cited the "filthy conditions" at restaurant playgrounds, including McDonald's and Burger King. Jordan claims that much of the fecal matter and strains of staph and bacteria are enough to cause meningitis and gonorrhea in the children playing in them.

Jordan found her evidence in a set of lab tests commissioned by Arizona State University, where she is a Developmental Psychology Professor. Jordan is calling for mandatory laws on the degree of cleanliness that must exist at restaurant playgrounds.

McDonald's hasn't commented on what Jordan has been saying. Burger King has issued a statement claiming that its cleaning standards consist of "procedures for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning of playground equipment, pads and foams. On a quarterly basis, restaurant playgrounds are also required to be cleaned by a professional cleaning service."

Jordan began her crusade when her 3-year old asked to urinate on the slide. When taking him to the bathroom, she noticed a high degree of filth. Her complaints to managers went nowhere, so she then swabbed some samples and found 13 disease-causing pathogens and "layers and layers and layers and layers of just disgustingness.” 


Anonymous said...

I do not like eating at fast food places nor do I care for dinning out. I enjoy my own cooking better than anyone else. And I am not into using public restroom I have seen some of these places and many times the people that use them are unclean themselves. That is why it best to always wash hands before putting anything into the mouth because, the hands carry so many germs.

Anonymous said...

As a semi-retired individual whom I must admit has been eating out more will have to reassess my recent behavior. This article as well as viewing food preparation sites in the finer dining sites have given me reason to pause.

When you think about it these fast food employees are handling dirty money and food all day. I remember the other day I was discussing with the hubby about the local McDonald chain removing their play area--very quietly.I must say now I know why!

Blogger said...

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