Saturday, October 22, 2011

Doctors Unearth First HIV-Prevention Method Controlled by Women


Your Black World reports

An HIV drug has been found to be effective against genital herpes when it’s applied as a gel. 

The journal Cell Host & Microbe has reported that when tested on women in South Africa, the anti-HIV/AIDS drug Tenofovir dropped herpes infections by 51%.  It also reduced HIV infections by 39%.

The drug is found to inhibit enzymes that the viruses both need in order to replicate.  It has to be applied topically to the vaginal canal both before and after sex.  This finding is significant because it’s the first HIV prevention method that is controlled by women, even without the man’s knowledge.

HIV infections in South Africa have spiraled out of control.  In the United States, the rate of HIV infections has also started to grow in recent years.  There is no word on how the method might be applied here in the United States.

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Anonymous said...

Basic fearless communication needs to be taught in conjunction with any method of STI/HIV prevention method. How are you going to be 2 uncomfortable to ask someone their status, but not uncomfortable to engage in sexual relations?